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For this one bedroom home within a brand new apartment complex, my client wanted to avoid feeling like his space was just another cookie cutter apartment. In the living room/kitchen area, we used curvy shapes and colorful hints of both warm and cool colors, as well as meshing midcentury vintage pieces with contemporary ones . For the bedroom, my client wanted a more neutral palette and minimal aesthetic, while still drawing in hints of the living room's design style. My client said it best: "Both rooms feel like they are in the same family.. probably cousins."


My client did not want to define her style, so when she hired me to give her gorgeous rental a facelift, we let the pieces of furniture come to us, and I designed the space as a colorful, free flowing eclectic haven, focusing on mixing vintage furniture and previously owned art of all different mediums. For her bedroom, she was inspired by Billie Eilish's monochromatic pink music video, "Happier Than Ever". I ran with this idea, and created a room fit for a princess! Because of the positioning of the bay windows, the room becomes warm and glowy as the sun sets, plus the midcentury crystal chandelier creates rainbows throughout the space during Golden Hour: my client's favorite time of day.