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Recently featured in Dwell Magazine, this is a sophisticated yet playful home that celebrates a genuine love for Broadway (the major theaters are a stone throw away), color in a grounded and intentional way, and some of my favorites pieces to date (the pumpkin chairs are swoon worthy!).  For the living room, we drew inspiration from the iconic Broadway poster, Sondheim's "Sunday in the Park with George", and for the bedroom we kept is soft, cool, and minimal with gold accents to marry the two rooms together.


This is a reflection of the designer's personal style because this project is her very own home! An unusual railroad layout, each room is infused with color, intention, pattern play, and creating motifs that repeat themselves as you travel from room to room. Taking inspiration from a bit of every style, but to name a few, Midcentury modern, Art Deco, Shabby Chic, and some Hollywood Regency flare, this space is Ally's baby and is constantly evolving! 


For this one bedroom home within a brand new apartment complex, my client wanted to avoid the feeling that his space was just another cookie cutter apartment. In the living room/kitchen area, we used curvy shapes and colorful hints of both warm and cool colors and meshed Midcentury vintage pieces with contemporary ones . For the bedroom, my client wanted a more neutral palette and minimal aesthetic, while infusing hints of the living room's aesthetic. My client said it best: "Both rooms feel like they are in the same quirky, colorful family.. probably cousins!"